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Dog Training



FREE Training Presentation and Induction !



·       Puppy Classes

·       Intermediate Classes

·       Adult Classes

·       1-2-1 Sessions

·       Residential Training

·       Home Training 


General Information

All classes are informal and fun for you and your dog.  Some classes are on a run on a rolling basis so you won’t have to wait for the start of a course, you can begin training when it’s best for your dog.  

Training your dog actually takes place 24/7, so each week you’ll be given homework which reinforces the lessons your dog has learnt.  

Our trainers are approachable and always happy to answer any questions that arise in class.  Throughout the course, if you are struggling we will recommend what to do – we won’t abandon you!

In some cases we are happy to allow youngsters to train the dogs in class however a responsible adult must be present.

Puppy Classes 

Puppy classes are the best way to start your puppy’s life.  Your puppy will learn how to behave in private and in public – and so will you!Classes are held on-site and provide a safe and sure way to socialise your puppy.Each session lasts 1 Hour which is quite enough for the average puppy (and his owner!) to absorb.For the health of your puppy and everyone else’s, we will need to see proof of vaccinations.Continuity is very important to your puppy’s successful training and socialisation so please plan to attend all sessions without a break.At the end of the 8-week course you will be assessed and (if you’ve done your homework!) receive your coveted certificate. You and your puppy will then be upgraded to the next class.

For those wanting to join the puppy class, we hold a free of charge presentation and induction, call us to find out the latest dates and times.

Intermediate Classes

Puppy Development and Intermediate Obedience is the next training step for your young dog.  The course continues from where the Puppy Classes left and upon successful completion you can then continue onward with Adult, Advanced classes should you wish.


If you're unsure which class is the best for your dog please call us for a discussion or arrange a FREE consultation with your dog to review.

Adult Classes

Adult classes are the next step-up in your dog’s training.  Here you will learn more advanced techniques and develop your dog’s abilities further.  Classes are held on-site.  Each class lasts approximately one hour.  You will be assessed at various stages and if you and your dog can demonstrate your abilities, you’ll be awarded your certificate upon completion.

Behaviour Specialist

We specialise in dogs with behaviour problems, these problems can be resolved on a 1-2-1 basis, the first session is normally carried out in your home, this will give us a true reflection of your dogs behaviour. Many problems can be resolved in our first visit. If your dog has more severe behaviour problems, we will sometimes recommend a more intensive behaviour course where we do residential training. This involves your dog staying with us so that we can re-modify any serious problems it may have with it’s residential training. Your dog will remain at CCC where daily training will take place. You will be able to monitor your dog by watching our unique camera system that can be viewed on your smart phone or computer.

1-2-1 Training.

We recognise that some people can’t attend classes for various reasons, either personal, or because of your dog’s behaviour.Whatever the reason, we offer 1-2-1 lessons where you get our undivided attention.It’s possible for two to share a 1-2-1 session in some circumstances. This can be a big advantage to certain types of training, as well as reducing your costs! 

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